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Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Long Term)

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the tactic of measuring and increasing metrics on a website influencing it's ranking on Google search engines. Our focus is all of the factors making up the Google algorithym which in turn ranks your website. Our goal is to enhance SEO metrics on your website in order to achieve better performance on Google search engines leading to an increase in organic traffic and your SERP results.

How Does My Site Rank?

Did you know Google uses over 60 metrics to analyze and rank your website against your local competitors. By doing Search Engine Optimization our team can increase these metrics and make your website rank better on Google search engines. While working with SEO Injen Inc. can show you the last time your website was reviewed by Google.

Offsite/Onsite Metrics


Keyword Research

Page Scores

SSL Certification

Link Building

A Visual of SEO

What Are Your Customer Typing Into Google To Find You?

A Keyword Report is extremely important for analysing your coverage on a search engine. This simple report shows a business owner which keywords lead customers to their website. It can also show you how your competitors rank for the same keyword on the same search engine. This powerful tool when used correctly with SEO allows you to measure your exposure on a search engine as well as keep an eye on the compition.

what are your customers typing into google to find you?

We're The Right Team!!

In today’s world, it is vital to have a professional online reputation management company to monitor, build and protect your brand. We determine the right keywords for you that are used most frequently to search for your products or services. To do this, we analyze your page and take your branch environment into consideration to make your Google advertising as efficient as possible. Our marketing team will contact you and discuss the individual aspects of your search engine advertising. Google analyzes the relevance of your keywords to the products or services you offer.


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