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Social Media Lead Generation

Put Facebook To Work For Your Business

How Does Social Media Grow My Business?

You can “post, share, comment or like” all day or you can actually make Facebook work for your business. Facebook is one of today’s best marketing tools and effectively advertising on it is key. What separates SEO Injen Inc. from the amateur Social Media Strategists is our focus on turning Facebook into an active revenue stream for your business. We specialize in Social Media Lead Generation and create (R. O. I.) or return on investment for our clients. In today’s age of social media you can still gain a follower, it’s just not as easy. Learn more with SEO Injen Inc.

Meta Business Partner

Why Advertise on Facebook with SEO Engin?

Facebook collects data on all of its users.

We use that data to further qualify, speed up and pre-populate data fields.

Ultimately Increasing Conversions and generating an R.O.I. (Return On Investment)

Lead Funnels

By simplifying the Social Media Lead Generation process we can assist our clients in growing their businesses.

Facebook Ads

We use Facebook and Lead Funnels to generate new face business for our clients.

How Do Facebook Ads Work?

We Create Actionable Ads that Engage With Today's Customers!

We automatically collect lead information in 3 Easy Steps!

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Social Networks

With so many different social networks which one do you use? What are your customers using and how do you reach them? Which social network best reflects my brand?

business hand clicking customer reviews on virtual screen interface
Digital Presence

The digital realm has made it much easier for anyone to build an online reputation. That said, it’s also easy to loose steam when a bad review comes up. Do you know what to do and or how to proceed?

Live Posts

You built a profile and acquired a audience. You got followers, now what? Its time to post and entertain your readers in hope for likes, shares, re-tweets and more.

Let us help grow your friends and followers.